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 Three Years Later.

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PostSubject: Three Years Later.   Tue Dec 13, 2011 9:07 pm

I knew that one day, I'd return to this forum one last time and give a last farewell. However, I don't know if anybody will see this - I don't know when was the last time somebody visited this site. So let me just give a recap of what's happened while I've been gone.

1) I'm in my last year of high school. I'm a senior, soon to be out of the school system and into college, majoring in Business and minoring in TV/Film.

2) I've grown as a person. More outgoing, friendlier, and more willing to take part in my social life. I've become less of the "quiet one" and more of the "nice one". I'm more assertive and less of a pushover. Also, I love using memes. Me gusta.

3) I've heavily involved in Theatre. I've taken several classes at my school and made it into Advanced Theatre (an audition-only class). We've performed several one-acts, and I've put my all into some very emotional and exhausting monologues. I've also was involved in my school's fall production, A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. I was Peter Quince, head of a makeshift acting troupe.
Here's a pic.

I've also auditioned and am currently cast in our spring musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie. I found that through training, I have somewhat of a decent singing voice.

4) I'm working on an EP. Part indie, part mixtape, part soundscape, part electronic, part everything. It should be finished within the next year or so, and possibly on iTunes. I'm hoping for the best with this.

5) I have a girlfriend. We've been together for about a month. She's an amazing and innocent soul, and I couldn't be more happy (she's also in the musical with me, so yay Very Happy)

I only wanted to update you guys, and to see how everyone was. Though I'm sure not all of us were on good terms, all of you that I interacted with for a good two years that I was an active member helped to shape me as a person. I find that my sense of humor derived from the original board's shenanigans. I greatly miss the Stupid Mario community, and I wish that we could come together one last time (or play another round in KJC, lol).

Bless you guys. And adios. Smile

- Andres
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Three Years Later.
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