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 Street Fighter 4 Review

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PostSubject: Street Fighter 4 Review   Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:28 am

Should you get it? Fun or not? I'll break it down and let you decide.

Street Fighter 4 Main Overview

Before I break this down,I'd like to state some things about the game itself. This game is very sensitive. The first day we got it, my Xbox put a ring in it. Be VERY careful.

I'd like to first state that, no matter what I say, I have played SF since 2, and I will never cease to be a fan. This game just made me see that some tactical maneuvering can outwit any button-smashing 4-year-old. So, among all the PKPKPKPKPKPKPKPK fighting games out there, this game has a soul.

Street Fighter 4 Controls

I guess I'll break down these first,since you couldn't play without them.

Now, I play the xbox, but I doubt that it's much different than anything else, because the bottom line is: these controls will make you scream in frustration. I play as Ryu, and it took me a week to learn about the Shoryuken. The instructions don't help much either, since you have to figure out for yourself that the end of each combo is the HEAVY button. These controls are complicated.


Q - Are these a major hindrance to gameplay?
A - Not at all. Figure out the differences in L/M/H kicks and punches, and you're set.

Q - Are the Ultra/Special moves hard to control?
A - Yes.

Q - Are they possible to control?
A - Yes.

Street Fighter 4 Gameplay

If you are going to play this game against ANYONE, you'll need to develop a tactic for victory. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS. If you run into battle hitting every buttom possible, you'll just end up cornered and having the living shit beat out of you.

The Ultra/Special moves can be useful in a pinch, but are mostly worthless. While your "s00pr k00l" animation is playing, all they need to do is block, and all of your work is wasted. Now, if you are just going to unlock the strongest people by playing Arcade over and over again, here are some the ideas.

1. Anime cutscenes at the beginning and end

2. Same final boss

3. You, go to hell.


Q - Is this game fun?
A - It depends on your definition of fun. If you like a party game where you and your bros can have an ass-kicking tournament, then yes.

Q - Is this game hard?
A - Again, it depends.

Q - Will I have so much fun with this that I post a bunch of threads about it, all saying the same things?
A - Probably, but please try to resist the urge.

Q - Will I get my ass kicked trying to figure out the controls?
A - Not in Training. Wink

Buy or Not?

If you have 2 controllers and some friends, go right ahead.

If you want to kick some screaming schoolboy's ass, buy it.

If you just want achievements, fuck you, and no.

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Street Fighter 4 Review
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